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Opportunity Partners is redefining “disability” through advanced learning, deep community support and meaningful work, proving that everyone – when given an opportunity – adds value to our world.

5) Stepping in other peoples is a very important thing that Tambu learns how to do. By getting an education she begins to understand her brother and why he changed. She understands why he felt shame about their parents and their home. Also, this quote shows that the men in the story have not yet stepped into women's shoes to understand their opinions and the sacrifices they make. This society is so unfair over women. If men stepped into women's shoes, women would have more power.

Because it's tiring having people tell you that you're not trying hard enough, or assuming your disability is a personality flaw...

Never give up! The moral of this picture is to never give up even if things do not go the way you want them to. This should be reinforced to the youth we facilitate.

Without goodness, humility, service and character, there are NO POSSESSIONS, POWER, POSITION or PRESTIGE! Don't let people walk all over you or put you down. Stand for something or you'll fall for anything,

So important to have only people you trust in your life, not ones that act like they care about you. Remove negative people who only have their own motives.

Sometime God redeems your story by surrounding you with people who need to hear your past, so it doesn't become their future.

Thumper wisdon. I LOVE Thumper... Remember, "if you can't say nothin nice, don't say nothin at all"...Thumper's Mom...

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Disability Quotes: Collection of Quotations Regarding Disabilities

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A very true and interesting quote about people with ADHD. # Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

Sometimes all it takes is kindness to others to create magic! Never underestimate the power you have of being kind to others.

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