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Empath test The Rainbow Goddess Empath

How to Recognize an Indigo Child: ^Indigos are precocious, intuitive, sensitive, psychic, empathic, non-conforming, creative children that were born in large numbers from the 1990s. Their aura is indigo. (^Posted by Subha Ekambaram | Last updated: Mar 25, 2013) "Indigo child" is a new age term used to refer to a child whose Third-Eye Chakra is strong. The color of the Ajna or third-eye chakra is indigo.The third-eye chakra governs intuition, a trait that is strong in indigo children…

Test Yourself! Indigo Adult Characteristics | | Esoteric, Spiritual and Metaphysical Database


5 Empath Types... Which Are You?

Did you know there are 5 main empath types? Learn how your giift as a Psychic Empath manifests in this insightful post covering the different types of empathic ability.

Interesting Article. However, I am an empath and I choose to go with knowing that I am one with everything in the universe and thus, whatever comes before me, is me. I have no fear of what comes to me because everything happens when it is to happen. I trust. LOL & Love ....

Types of Empaths-- This is a wonderful post. I am: Emotional Healing - the emphatic ability to feel another person's emotions Animal Communication - the empathic ability to hear, feel and communicate with animals

When we fall asleep, the chains of physical existence that trap our souls in our bodies loosen. We can access other dimensions in our dream states. As we slumber our souls are free to ascend into the spiritual atmosphere where they receive nourishment, power and the occasional tune-up.(art;carol.cavalaris)

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