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How to Contact your Spirit Guide

∆ Spirit to contact your spirit guide ~ Your guide is with you when ever you call them. They reside in the Spiritual realms ‘above’ you but are with you instantaneously if you ask them to be...

How to Recognize an Indigo Child: ^Indigos are precocious, intuitive, sensitive, psychic, empathic, non-conforming, creative children that were born in large numbers from the 1990s. Their aura is indigo. (^Posted by Subha Ekambaram | Last updated: Mar 25, 2013) "Indigo child" is a new age term used to refer to a child whose Third-Eye Chakra is strong. The color of the Ajna or third-eye chakra is indigo.The third-eye chakra governs intuition, a trait that is strong in indigo children…

The Emotional Playground for Empaths I do a lot of work with Empaths. I'm actually in the process of writing a book for you. In the past I have gone into grounding and shielding, two skills that are critical for empaths. The next step is learning to recognize your own emotions. I know, it sounds like the most simple thing in the world, but you would be amazed how many emotions you can carry as an empath that aren’t even yours. It really is like an emotional playground out there.

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What It Means to Be an Empath - Traits and Characteristics


5 Empath Types... Which Are You?

Did you know there are 5 main empath types? Learn how your giift as a Psychic Empath manifests in this insightful post covering the different types of empathic ability.