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Are you an Empath? Take the test and find out! This test scores you on several categories, including: whether you are an Out of Control Healer, how well you use your own Empathic Protection Tools, how much you Unconsciously Mirror other people, and how Logical vs Intuitive you are.

EMPATH: yes all of the above but no i am not a touchy feely type of person - i don't like people touching me actually - i am with animals however, but i have been with a narcissist almost my entire married life so i probably don't know for sure…

I am an Empath. Some days it sucks. Some days it's amazing. Other intimidating. But always interesting!

The Journey for Love, & Wisdom..yes that is my journey and I am well on that path. I do enjoy my dreamer attitude, my driving force to happy living, if others don't they can go focus on their own path, I will not tolerate anymore dream stompers in this life... cause this is me, not them. ♥ Dreamers unite to change the world for good things. #LuckyWeLiveHawaii

It's really difficult being an empath. The emotions are sometimes overwhelming but you can learn how to block and center yourself. I know this personally.

Empathic experience. I am growing, and not all of this is my experience anymore, but this has been my entire life until the last year. I just broke, there was no one. I am strong, I will heal myself with time. ♥ Thank you to who wrote this. ~ Nalla