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Yep -You can tell a lot about a woman's mood just by her hands for instance if they are holding a gun, she's probably angry.

What if Hell was actually really difficult to get into? What if the only way to do so was by making the devil himself take a shine to you and invite you in? What happens to all the other people, not allowed into heaven and not wanted by Hell? Where do they go?

"Go to hell." She spat darkly. Devil didn't quite like me and spat me right back out.

Al Capone Quotes Vote early and vote often. Al Capone Once in the racket you're always in it. Al Capone Now I know why tigers eat t.

He offered me a gun, but I refused. After all, you don't need a weapon when you were born one - Blaise

"Anyone can wield a weapon of wood, steel, or carven stone," His green eyes swept over to her in a smooth, steady glance. "But it is rare indeed for one to wield his own greatest weapon.

"Trust me. It cannot get any worse than this."    "Ha! Trust you, now why in the world would I trust you? Watch this."

If you’ll give me a minute…