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How to Divide Daffodils

by Lesley Barker
Daffodils grow from bulbs that you plant in the fall. They are one of the first flowers to bloom in the spring each year and they come up year after year once they are planted. Like all bulbs, they are propagating under the ground where you can't see them. For the first several years the flowers get...

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Bearded Irises, need sun in order to bloom, bloom for about a month, different species can bloom at different times, tuber --> very easy to grow and split, can plant in the summer

I buy lots of amaryllis bulbs every fall- pot them & give them as Xmas presents when they start to spike. You can order exotic varieties. I plant mine outside (zone 8) after & they bloom in the spring afterwards (usually the next year,) It's so nice to have something pretty blooming in the winter- some will bloom later, into February.

I did this...a great idea to use baskets and an assortment of pots to arrange plants on the balcony.....

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Daffodil, split-cup hybrids from

Supplies: plants, rope, scrap wood, terra cotta pots, metal ring, paint.

Growing your own flowers made easy. Check out this graph to determine the best time to plant your favorite blooms.

Narcissus split corona - such a pretty, full daffodil!

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