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be a (highly realistic) statue all day and just people watch.

I Need to go there! 12th century wooden church borgund, sogn og fjordane, norway. Looks straight out of Harry Potter! @Jon Gosnell I think we saw this on Rick Steves' Europe!

Vigeland Park, Oslo-Vigeland sculpture is not allowed to leave Norway, so is not as universally viewed as are most artists, but very intriguing. Norwegians consider his work one of their national treasures.

"Together As A Whole" Another statue inside the Frogner Park in Oslo, Norway. The figure is carved from a single block of granite rock. Inside this park is a subsection called the Vigeland Sculpture Park, where lots and lots of statues and sculptures like this one are on permanent display outside. A total of 212 statues are located here. By NL-DUX

Equestrian statue of Marcus Aurelius, 175 A.D. Musei Capitolini, Rome.

Faunus (Pan), Roman statue (marble), 1st century AD, (Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York).

It may look strange to see a perfectly normal statue of a man, but then mounted upside down. However, there is significance behind it. The statue is located in Melbourne, Australia and is a statue of Charles La Trobe, the first lieutenant-governor of the colony of Victoria, which is now a state of Australia. The artist of the statue, Charles Robb, wanted to bring attention to the understated acknowledgement of La Trobe, and mounted it upside down to represent the meaninglessness of public figures and statues.

Stomping crying baby temper tantrum in Norway.

Crying angel statue.....I love this, must figure out which board it deserves to go on or make another for it.

Vintage Travel Poster: Norway, The Land of the Midnight Sun - by artist Arent Christensen (c.1930)

Art Nouveau Statue | Love In A Rose | Viena, Austria | Photo by onkel_wart (Thomas Lieser) on September 20, 20008 via Flkr

Hercules (Heracles), Roman statue (marble) copy, 1st–2nd century AD, (Palazzo Altemps, Rome).