Tried a pair of these beautiful babies on today, and oh yes. YESSS!  I neeeeed them. Oh SO much. *sigh*

Oh my gosh, look at the heels on these shoes! Fluevog, you're dangerous to my wallet.

Sparkly black heels

black with white dot #heels

These are so cute

Check out the Fluevog Elif

Check out the Fluevog Liz

fluvog please

Aris Allen 1930s Black & Ivory Suede Sole Heeled Oxford - amazing!

Viardot (Cinnamon) I love everything about these.

My husband will be sleeping in the tub tonight because he said these shoes were ugly. He is a wrong, bad man.Check out the Fluevog DeVere.

Love these, and have a few Fluevog shoes. Sad that my last pair didn't fit right, but could not send them back :-(

Happy shoes. Fluevog Operettas: Viardot in Goldenrod & Cream.

Black t-strap

Fluvog Lily Darling in cherry with black

These totally remind me of my tap shoes! I can just see myself dancing down the street in them!

Elif = Named for and designed by Vancouver Elif for John Fluevog's Open Source Footwear Program

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Saddle shoes meet flats! This classic design -which is coming back into fashion- meets the flat which is the new "it" style too, and from a company making some serious comfort: Arabella (Black & Cream)