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Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egypt

Explore the world of Ancient Egypt by playing the terrific games shared by the Museum of Scotland: Egyptian tomb adventure, Land of the Egyptians, Dress like an Egyptian, Egyptian hieroglyphics and Temple stores game

Mesopotamian Social Structure

Ancient Egypt Color Pages http://www.fantasyjr.com/ancient-egypt-coloring-pages/#

In this Ancient Egypt music video, we take you back to the days of giant pyramids and hieroglyphics. This song covers the ancient Egyptian civilization that flourished along the Nile River.

Free Ancient Egypt Coloring Pages..About 9 all together, only pinning 2 :o)

All That's Good: Every Day Life In Ancient Egypt Pocket - Egyptian Heads dress

Egypt: Child of Africa (Paperback) It's undeniable that ancient Egypt and it's culture was established by indigenous Africans. The book explored evidence supporting these facts. Another great and important read by Ivan Van Sertima.

A great description of the hierarchy of ancient Egyptian society.

FREE Ancient Egypt Activity Village Printables ~ approx. 20 color pages

great video for kids on Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egypt printables

Ancient Egypt - as a backgrund with traditional full body portrait

Canopic Jars from Pringles cans and paper mache

Time travel week: Make an Egyptian Circlet ( or crown, diadem, whatever you call it!) with this easy craft activity for kids

FREE Printable Double-Sided Ancient Egypt Fact Mat

Ancient Egypt Maps for Kids and Students ~ Ancient Egypt Facts

Door ideas: maybe label with important facts as well to show learning. World culture week!!