by shadow artist Kumi Yamashita (origami paper and a single light source)

Paper Art

Nick Gentry


gorgeous thread installations created by Mexican artist Gabriel Dawe.

Melted China by Livia Marin/The Jealous Curator

Quilled paper portraits by Yulia Brodskaya

Mixed Media Artist Papers Vol. 3 – Roben-Marie - THE SHOP

Amazing shadow sculpture

calligraphy & script & art - shadow play - (view full size) - title ‘A very short story with a lot of fiction in the middle - and something real in the end’ - by

German artist Moto Waganari crafts intricate human sculptures using filigree wires, but there are hidden surprises in his works of wired art. The artist uses light to tease out the ‘alter egos’ of his sculptures, which splay out on the wall as dramatic, two-dimensional shadows.

paper faces

Gavin Worth - Artist

good example for white paper airplanes assignment

Kumi Yamashita | A to Z, 2011 | Carved wood, single light source, shadow

drinking straw sculpture korean artist sangsik hong.

Artist Michael Mapes dissects photos and arranges them, pinning fragments like insects, and putting other pieces in vials.

Mixed Media Artist Papers Vol. 2

Charmaine Olivia