i've always wondered how they do this!

Mystery Braid, Works on old t-shirts!

leather braid

DIY braided anchor bracelet

simple fabric flower tutorial

DIY Bracelets to Make MXS

Lois Ericson shows you how to create uniquely colored and patterned fabrics with ordinary household bleach.

leather gem bracelets III

I am so making this soon!

Have you ever seen the perfect shade of nail polish and brought it home only to realize it wasn’t? You’ll never use it again, so what do you do with it? Don't have to let that bottle of polish go to waste! We are sure that there are a bunch of ways you can use it around your home that you haven’t even thought of! To start you off, follow along as eBay shares seven uses for nail polish that have nothing to do with painting your nails!

DIY :: MASK & TEMPLATE : tulle or sheer fabric, fabric scissors, ribbon, black fabric paint, saran wrap, tape... ( Link :: http://sprinklesinsprings.com/2011/10/chic-masquerade-diy-mask-template.html )

REALLY ?? wash so all the chip crumbs and oils are out of the bag - gently dry with a paper towel. Place the bag on a greased piece of tin foil covering the baking sheet and put it into an oven set around 350*F and melt to the size you want. Small bags for earrings, etc.... I need to try this..

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Resin Obsession blog: recycle a broken watch into a resin bracelet

DIY Heart Bookmarks Pictures, Photos, and Images for Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, and Twitter

6 Strands : Leather Braiding by John

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Stretch bracelets perfect for stacking.

Magic Loop. In this method, you can crochet a large number of stitches and then close the middle, no more struggling to put 18 double crochets into a chain 4 ring. Great idea Yarntomato!