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  • Samantha Isenhour

    I use a olive oil bottle for my dish soap, problem is it does rust so you need one with a nice top.. Olive Oil bottle for dish detergent. Want to keep your dish washing liquid on your counter, but don't like the ugly bottles ... here's the solution. I can't take credit for it - saw it at a friend's house.

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Re-use old bottles for soap dishes. I can do this for Santi in his own "man cave"

cute way to reuse wine bottles.. i can use the wine bottles from our wedding for this =) LOVE!!

Wrap a bottle of wine with a custom block printed tea towel. Get your Block Printing Starter Kit here!

Use a liquor or olive oil dispenser spout for dish or hand soap. | 30 Insanely Easy Ways To Improve Your Kitchen

Old Mrs. Butterworth Bottles...hold dish detergent and liquid hand soap. Just exchange caps for a hand pump!!

the bottoms of bottles and old glass serving dishes used to make windows.

Homemade foaming soap: 1 inch of liquid hand soap, Slowly fill the rest of the bottle with tap water. Put lid back on, and gently tip upside down & side to side to mix. Don’t shake (it will get too sudsy)

Repurpose coke bottles to hold cooking oils and dish soap. | 19 Totally Ingenious Ways To Use Empty Food And Drink Containers

Omg! Hinged glass dish from a liquor bottle - would be so easy to make! It's a goodie jar for the man cave

Dress up your ugly dish soap bottle.. use an olive oil jar (and the link includes step by step directions so you can etch it!)

Dishsoap in an EVOO bottle...great long as I dont have a "mom" moment and put the dishsoap in a pan while I'm cooking!

You can buy a Dawn Direct Foam pump for my dish washing soap and then to refill just purchase regular dish soap and refill it by using 1/3 dish soap and 2/3 with water. Then, stir it very gently so you don’t make bubbles in the bottle. It will seriously stretches the life of your dish soap!!