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More altered book pages/found poetry or quotes "Love- This is a clever idea. take a page from an old book and find a sentence you like, mark out the rest and frame it!

Art by Will Ashford "These altered book drawings by will ashford are incredible. I love the idea of using old books to create new art. There is a legacy and lineage being played with here. A trust that poetry can emerge from unexpected places. This art also proves in a beautiful way, that everything is open to the viewers interpretation, even something as "permanent" as the printed page."

See 7 Best Images of Book Page Art. Inspiring Book Page Art design images. Folded Pages Book Sculpture Art Book Folding Art Folded Book Art Altered Book Poetry Page Paint On Book Page

An AMAZING book sculpture!

David Kracov - Book of Life Wow.this is beautiful. David Kracov - Book of Life Wow.this is beautiful. David Kracov - Book of Life Wow.this is beautiful.

watercolor on old book pages

Fabulous and cool ideas. Watercolor on old book pages - this is such a cool idea! Now to find some cheap old books that I don't care to read.Perhaps old and outdated encyclopedias wold work well.

cut paper and make circles, glue them on the baloon and cover with the hairspray.

Magazine Art Bowl - Blow up a balloon. Cut strips of magazines, fold in half. Roll up and glue to balloon. When all dry, pop balloon. Link to additional Magazine Art Projects (bowls and vases)

35 Sensible Vintage-Like DIY Book Paper Decoration Projects For Your Home

These would be so easy to make - piece of wood painted black, glue old book page on top, then trace outline of animals (or anything really) and paint.Probably couldn't use an old book page though

Come creare un’acchiappasogni Shabby all’uncinetto.…. L’acchiappa sogni è un oggetto propiziatore certamente legato alla mitologia degli Indiani d’America, si narra infatti nella leggenda che una piccola Indiana impaurita dai suoi sogni, indipendentemente se belli o cattivi, si rivolse alla madre che  gli e ne svelò la natura “normale e casuale”, e per aiutarla a superarli ... Leggi ancora

Bohemian Spirit Vintage Lace Trim Dreamcatcher by kmichel on Etsy - HOW VERY BEAUTIFUL! (this is the first time I have seen a dream catcher made only of lace and it is so beautiful!

Incartesimi: artisti della carta

Amazing Carved Book Art By Guy Laramee. Amazing Carved Book Art By Guy Laramee. Amazing Art Work With Books Creative Art Work Books By .

found poetry | http://chippedteacup.hubpages.com/hub/visual-and-found-poetry

create your own gothic love poetry from old book pages as a unique and special valentine or christmas gift Found poetry. This is fabulous, use old books or photocopy book pages. Poetry and art and no two will be the same.