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Happy New Year

Happy New Year! Let the sorrows be out and happiness be in, slowly and steadily and lets rejoice the New Year begin with a wonderful celebration! Happy New Year 2013 everyone!

typestaches are awesome


If It's Hip, It's Here: A Field Guide To Typestaches. Fonts As Moustaches Poster Purchase Supports Men's Health This Movember.

O.o ...That's... THAT'S TOO INCREDIBLE!!! OMG!!! How can you make such beautiful art inside of a fragile leaf??? HOW??!!!

Art in a leaf… Lorenzo Duran Silva, from Guadalajara, near Madrid, was inspired to create the delicate pieces after watching a caterpillar make holes in a leaf by eating it. These are incredible, how on earth is it done without tearing the leaves?

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black & white are not colours (poster exhibition) by martin pyper, via Behance

KANDINSKY TYPE created by Sinan Buyukbas- 3 dimension typography

Experimental Kandinsky Type Turkish designer, Sinan Buyukbas has created this vibrant, type tribute to Wassily Kandinsky. Created as an experiment to explore the Russian painter’s colour and form.

KWERK Font inspired by Kraftwerk

KWERK font by Mauro De Donatis, via Behance- I like how the letters aren't actually drawn but you can visually see them because of the curved lines that make out the shapes of the letters. It reminds me a bit of the Joy Division CD cover.