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When I was a kid the idea of gambling was not acceptable. It is kind of ironic that now not a day passes that I don’t have to gamble on something. Every time we have an idea it is a gamble if we are going to share it. When we make a decision we are gambling. Trying to actually create something out of nothing takes the guts of a gambler, because the rejection of this idea is worse than losing everything.

WHEN IS IT TIME TO MAKE A CHANGE? Part of the pressure of being someone who is creative understands timing. When is it time to share our new idea? When is it time to push for innovation? When is it time to impose new ideas, brands, concepts, and help create change? The sexy answer is all the time, but that is not entirely possible.

Where Are Your Ideas? You have the permission to be creative. The truth is that it is probably more of a responsibility than it is permission. I know that I have to get up and remind myself of this from time to time. Creative work is work that will at times leave you feeling a little empty. When we get there we have to get our swagger back. So how do you do that? As you and I both know, ideas don’t just show up like lightbulbs over our heads. But where do you start?

Sometimes we need a reminder that we have what it takes to be creative. Here are 16 nuggets to get you back in your rhythm.

We start with an idea. Usually it’s not a good idea – it’s just an idea. Ideas start conversations that birth other ideas – better ideas – until we get the right idea. But, we NEVER get there if we’re not brave enough to:

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Get a job!

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2 Ways To Fail: You Get To Choose Which One. We all fail from time to time and it never gets easier. But did you know there is more than one type of failure? We can fail maintaining or we can fail trying – and there’s a big difference. When we fail trying, we fail forward. We’re taking a risk. We’re attempting to do something new and innovative, something we believe will make a massive impact in our organization. We’re working to create momentum and move our team or our organization…

"I believe that I’m meant to write for our church." Jon Egan shares his Creative Process!

Let’s be honest, it doesn’t take a lot to sidetrack a creative person or a good idea. We actually have to work hard just to keep ideas alive, let alone make them successful. The resistance around us is looking for any and every opportunity or excuse to get us to stop doing creative work – excuses like:

There’s a theory that what comes after the comma in our lives is who we are: Stephen, the husband to Jackie or Stephen, the guy from Cross Point. Identity is one of the most difficult things to live with for artists. We too often fall into the trap that who we are is what we create or what we do.

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