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Pretty much sums it all up :) Koala NYC Eiffel Tower Piano Hollywood Dolphins Road Trip! Dream Home Ferris Wheel Kiss Remember me Surf Travel Galapagos Islands African Safari Follow my Dreams Fashion Show Paragliding Baby Lion Fairytale Wedding Birthday Cake Route 66 Infinity Tattoo

Before I Die...! Oh Yah.. and more than once... And more than 1 best friend! hahaha! I have like 7!

Before I die....already done but ill do it again in a heartbeat

Before i die, i want to .. ... Im getting a ball for christmas!!!!!!

a before I die list... 11 and 1/2 down...I'm still working on the traveling the world (and hopefully always will be). of the 3 "not checked" 2 are not really things on my list, and the last one? I've come to terms with the fact that I'll never win the lottery. (Even though Janell Dwier and I talk about EXACTLY how we'd spend the money about once a week. haha)

Bucket List: agreed...I'll have six down this spring!

before i die... just like Phocahontas

If anyone knows of one in Kentucky, tell me!!

And a wild kangaroo I've always wanted to do that : )

This would be a interesting challenge. I'm not sure if I'd be able to keep track though.