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YES! WTH is with all the nail crap!!!

Hahahaha. It's true. I just watched a Halloween movie and he'd pop up in front of people when they were running way ahead of him.

Target! You do this to me EVERY time! But I still love you.

And David Tennant and Matt Smith and Benedict Cumberbatch and Gerard Butler and Joshua Jackson and Matthew Lewis....

So true! Hate it when I'm that far away person and someone else is holding the door.

HAHA it looks like something I would do!---OMG I cannot stop laughing!

Expectation vs. reality. Sleep.

At least counts more than there cuz here is where I am so as long as spiders don't fly here we can offer this thanks.

This hits a little too close to home. #quarterlifecrisis {Daily Distraction: Someecards, "Adult" Edition}