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Faience Necklace counterpoise with aegis of Sakhmet Period: New Kingdom, Ramesside. Dynasty 19–20, 1295–1070 BC, Egypt

Faience vessel, Middle Kingdom–Early New Kingdom, Dynasty 12–18, ca. 1981–1425 B.C.E.

Female figure Period: Middle Kingdom–Early New Kingdom Dynasty: Dynasty 12–18 Date: ca. 1981–1550 B.C. Geography: Country of Origin Egypt, MMA Medium: Limestone, paint

Musician. Blue faience glaze bowl (about 1300 BCE), 19th Dynasty, New Kingdom, Egypt.

False door from the tomb of Metjetji Period: Old Kingdom Dynasty: Dynasty 5–6 Reign:reign of Unis or slightly later Matt Valk Chuah Met

Perfume Vase Egypt, New Kingdom, late Dynasty 18, ca. 1350-1309 BC Blue and black petals are arranged like a collar around the neck of this white faience vase

Necklace, New Kingdom, Dynasty 18, reign of Amenhotep I - Thutmose I, ca. 1500 B.C., Egypt, carnelian

Signet ring Period: New Kingdom, Amarna Period Dynasty: Dynasty 18 Date: ca. 1353–1323 B.C. Geography: Egypt Medium: Gold

Stela Period: New Kingdom Dynasty: Dynasty 18 Date: ca. 1550–1295 B.C. Geography: Country of Origin Egypt, Memphite Region, Memphis (Mit Rahina), Temple of Ptah

Kohl tube and stick Period: New Kingdom Dynasty: Dynasty 18, early Reign: reign of Ahmose–Joint reign Date: ca. 1550–1458 B.C. Geography: From Egypt, Upper Egypt; Thebes,