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  • Summer Allen


  • BadMeth

    Baby Monkey in Osh-kosh. For more funny animal fashion go to:

  • lori mackenzie

    baby orangutan - so cute

  • Sheri Jaus

    #monkey #baby #babies #animals #pets #monkeys #funny #overalls >>>Attention! Click on the picture to promote your blog/site!

  • Natasha Fox

    Baby monkey in overalls. I'm dying!! So cute!!

  • Jen Carlson

    Cute! I always wanted baby monkey as a pet growing up :)

  • Lorie K

    cutie pie - baby monkey with big eyes.

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Humans should learn from animals…love that they are blind to differences!

sweetest! the expression in the third photo is incredible!

Japanese Snow Macque (Snow fight!!), LOVE working with them as youngsters, NOT so much once they hit their pre-teen phases

cutie pie.... and when he/she goes up will be like 150-200lbs I think and 4 times as strong as I am. Lol respect

Yunnan Snub Nosed Monkey is the most endangered of China's three snub nosed monkey species

How is this baby the same as you? How is it different?

I don't normally post long picture sequences, but I couldn't resist this one.

Chimpanzees are our closest relatives, with whom we share 99 percent of our DNA. We are more closely related to chimps than chimps are to gorillas. Humans didn't evolve "from" chimps. Rather both species evolved from separate ape like species. Those who coined the term "evolved from" chimps or monkeys, or those who still don't differenciate between apes and monkeys are highly misinformed.