Despicable Me 2 quote.

Yes! LOVE that movie!!!!


Think this will be in Despicable Me 2

Sorry.... That's just funny

despicable me.

Love the Golden Girls! :( I know sometime from now they'll make a remake (because everyone makes remakes of past TV movies/shows.)

hahaha. shopping, every time

This happens to me all the time

Despicable Me

Makes me giggle every time...haha@melissa warga

love despicable me

one of my all time favorite movies lol

One of my all time favorites! Anastasia!

My favorite show!!

Despicable me

Despicable Me

hahahahaha. this made me laugh #Funny #Minions despicable me 2 #Quotes Inside my head, im an expert flirt. But when it comes time for me to actually flirt, im like. Banananana

Every time

Every time somebody asks me where somebody else is lol