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Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs

The Amazing Life of Steve Jobs

Steven Paul Jobs, noto semplicemente come Steve Jobs (San Francisco, 24 febbraio 1955 – Palo Alto, 5 ottobre 2011). Cofondatore di Apple Inc., ne è stato amministratore delegato fino al 24 agosto 2011, quando si è dimesso per motivi di salute (assumendo la carica di Presidente del consiglio di amministrazione).

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"I was raised by a single mother. I think the definition of a man’s man has shifted in recent times to this sort of fratty bro, different from the older version, which was aloof and istant—Gary Cooper or Cary Grant or James Bond. Now it’s a little vulgar, kind of lowbrow, adolescent. I’m not that guy. Part of being an adult is treating women like women." -Jon Hamm

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Steve Martin

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"Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life." - Steve Jobs

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2012 Hungary Steve Jobs Commemorative Sheet

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