14 Surprising Uses for Vodka

Its Likely This Is Vodka Travelers Mug.

DIY Homemade Daily Lice Prevention Spray!! All natural with no toxic chemicals. Keep the bugs away from your childs head, plus it smells pretty great too!!

DIY Diffuser - Mix one cap full of neutral alcohol (like vodka) with a 1/4 cap of mineral oil. This solution helps diffuse the scent of essential oils. Add a small amount of your favorite essential oil to the solution, starting with just a few drops and adding more to increase the strength of the scent. Stir and pour the mixture into your diffuser jar.

Spray paint beans to get whatever color you want for CHEAP!

Lavender Linen & Home Spritz - add vodka as an emulsifier.

Easy DIY Linen Spray

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How to Keep a Clean Home

Cleaning your A/C on your own...good to know...

7 Surprising Vodka Hacks



Home cleaning.

vodka: for more than drinking...