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Mom's teacup collection might have a use after all.

Ok, this is AWESOME! Coffee cups turned upside down and used as underside lighting? Perfect for a coffee station in your kitchen or in a cafe! For the home but adding to my cafe board!


DIY Tea Lights on Bent Spoons Wall Art. Hardest thing: bending the spoons. Tutorial at Spruce Your Nest here.

Use FiestaWare Cups and Saucers | I Love FiestaWare!! | Pinterest ...

Three Bags Full Cafe - Corner of Nicholson St and Mollison St, Abbotsford. Corner cafe in Montmartre cafe

Ordinary lamp shade given an Alice in Wonderland twist - Mad Hatter lamp

Lampshade Turned Mad,..hatter That Is

Ordinary lamp shade given an Alice in Wonderland twist - Mad Hatter lamp Love this!, it looks like an upside down lamp shade with an added ridge thats been rapped in a light material with an accented darker one, love it!


MUST DRINK (EAT ): Afternoon Tea at Bea's of Bloomsbury in London. I loved the tea-pot shaped lamps hanging from the ceiling ♥♥♥

35 Ideas of How To Reuse Tea Cup Artistically | http://www.designrulz.com/design/2013/04/ideas-of-how-to-reuse-tea-cup-artistically/

Tea pot ride from the Magic Kingdom in our Mickey kitchen. Used Teacups & Saucer light fixture DIY idea

I need these chairs!!!!!! i have died and gone to heaven!!

These teacup chairs add character and humor to the Cafe. The pillows on the teacup chairs adds warmth and comfort. The curved back encloses the users and makes them feel at home.

Scénographie Suspencion

Original pendant lamps by British designer Jake Phipps. Hat pendant lamps made w/classic British cultural icons: authentic bowler hat (Jeeves lamp) & authentic top hat (Wooster lamp) lined w/gold or silver aluminum to reflect light optimally.