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ASOS Skater Dress In Christmas Reindeer Print - This is my alternate to a Christmas jumper this year

Hand to mouth bag

I'm THIS pale

red and pink smooches


Colourful Cats

i'm a #gif head

smudge lips - standard


#vans ripped the fuck up

Sneakers over shoes #converse

Elaborate #nail #art

I have lived in Weasel manor/ plaza and cottage

E17 have zero on E3

Word up

Sketches of song lyrics that are now about cats. Relevant to my life: "Black cat meowing in the dead of night, curl up in your bed and close your eyes."


To often has this been said

Crazy inspired by the 90's Trolls #nails

I HATE cringe shit like this

I will take you to the bone yard

I like sauce more than food

I text like im drunk EVEN when im sober

I hate my nose