Sing it, Rick.

more 80's humor. I can't get enough of it ;D

The funny thing about #Hashtags is that more people will know this symbol # as a "hashtag" than if you call it the "pound sign". Found this out the hard way giving someone my gate code. LOL #OldSchool #SocialMedia #Truth

LMAO! I totally did this out loud at work.

He he he

80s humor


I didn't get this at first....then I did!

There's no way only 1% of us do it the right way.

When In Doubt Mumble from 55 Hi's.

what a fantastic idea...


Things To Do When The Internet Is Down

this makes me giggle =) It's pretty close to my thought process when I realize I really need to shave my legs lol


they totally do.

THis grossed me out but made me laugh out loud.


The true woman's dream ... HAHA!