I'm surprised these are actually good ideas... 12 easy art nail "hacks"

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Ombre Nails. All you need is your favorite colors, clear polish, makeup sponges, and qtips. Looks great it's super easy!

sponge nail rainbow! This is so cool. Paint three stripes of nail polish onto a make up sponge. Immediately put the sponge on your nail for 15 seconds and then take it off. Let dry, add top coat, and voila!

Nail art

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glitter nails in pastell colors for more fashion;

Love this idea for Christmas

Fade gradient ombré nails. Pink, red, orange, green, yellow, turquoise, blue, hot pink.

Easy marbleing design, no water

Heart Candy nails!

Sponge glitter on the tips!

Who knew this look was this easy?!

easy nail polish idea


really easy tutorial on how to do ombre nails

l just had my nails done like this!