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So today 2 of my friends started making fun of feminists (they knew perfectly clear that I'm a feminist) and they were specifically making fun of me. One said "yeah, I just hate those people who are like 'there's more than one gender!' like, no, if you actually paid attention in science instead of going on tumblr on your phone, you'd know there's only 2 - GIRL and BOY" (I've been known to stick up for people who identify as a different gender than boy/girl because I believe in that stuff)…

The essence of Christmas is its relevance. It can have a home at every stage of life. It is the voice crying out in wilderness and not a story tale once told. It can be as meaningful in the present as it was 2000 years ago, for Jesus is still shining bright. This year take time and look at twinkle of the lights or the stars shining bright, may it also be a reminder of the One who gives light to all. Christmas is all about the good news of a changed heart

This is Lorcan Sacamander he is the twin brother of Lysander Sacamander. He's a 6th year Gryfindoor. He's very nice and often flirty with the girls at hogwarts but kind of rude and nasty to the boys. He's got a record of moving from girl to girl, mostly dating them to get back at a guy who likes them. But none of the girls really believe that. Most of them are obsessed with him and his looks. He's got a small group of friends, mainly hanging our with his brother and the Quittitch team. If…

So very true. Each day is a step closer. Missing my son so very much.

"Who would've believed it? A Luthor and a Super working together" - Lena and Kara #Supergirl

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Shelter dog thinks family has come to claim her but they want new dog

They were there to find a new dog as Zuzu was now too sad since her father had died

Caitlyn Terry - Female fitness and Power - There is both beauty and power in the female body! She can unlock both! There's no such thing as a physically weak woman! Just women who haven't trained their power to come to the surface! Fitness Motivation! It feels good! It looks good! It's how we are meant to live! Healthy! Fit! Awesome physique! Great definition! The human body is a beautiful work of creation! Hard work, dedication, and discipline strikes again! Doesn't it motivate you to work…

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Broccoli Salad

The BEST Broccoli Salad - believe me I've tried them all but this is the best Broccoli Salad out there.