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  • Catherine Tommasino

    a woman on a beach, optical illusion

  • Kate Parkhouse

    Perspective photography makes everything much more interesting: 50 perfect shots - Blog of Francesco Mugnai

  • Laura Autio

    One with the sea.

  • Kristi Van Ess

    waves. credit: wilma hurskainen Very cool photo!

  • Sharon Bergman

    Thought this was a really cool picture. waves. credit: wilma hurskainen

  • Brandi Winters

    Waves, 2012 by Wilma Hurskainen (Helsinki, Finland) : "...was taken in Benin, West Africa last winter where I spent a lot of time on the beach, just looking at the ocean and thinking. I had the skirt made for it after I once realized my shirt was the same color as the ocean. Although the two images share the same idea, for me the're very different: In Invisible the woman looks hollow whereas in Waves it's as if the landscape grew through her."

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Ik kan er niet doorheen, ik kan niet verder groeien dan hier. Hier stopt het? Of groei ik een andere kant op?

(Double Exposure, photographer unknown) I love this photograph because things like double exposure can say so much about a person. Though this photo in particular may not be one that gives a statement, it shows off two great photos and also can be an insight into the inner thoughts of this particular person. Not only that, but it looks great and is a unique design technique.

Forces of nature, I wonder what it sounds and feels like standing that close...

Looks so inviting... I just want to get my coat, scarf, and gloves and go sit on that bench with a salted caramel hot chocolate!

Um, another Lizzy Stewart... this is similar to the illustration style I try to create. A cool idea would be making personalized profiles for couples or friends as gifts. I'll try one of these days.

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Mother Nature...I see what you did there..

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radiant golden shafts of light-- I'm lifted up in splendor of Sunlight thru the trees!!!