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I like this because it is very pleasing to the eye with the mainly black background and the very fine and thin bright white lines through out it, in strands or clusters. it does a great job of showing pattern and gradient.

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built from bamboo while it's still green and pliable -- Forest Pavilion, Da Nong Da Fu Forest and Eco-park Hualien, Taiwan designed by nArchitects

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Herta and Paul Amir Building at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art by Preston Scott Cohen {this picture seems so distorted & surreal!} Designed by American architect Preston Scott Cohen, the Herta and Paul.

Zig Zag Flats in Zeeburg, Amsterdam, by Rod Monkey

Rod Monkey, Zig Zag Zeeburg The wonderful facade of the block of flats known as Hoop, Liefde en Fortuin (Hope, Love and Fortune - 3 windmills which used to stand in this location) in the district of Zeeburg, Amsterdam.

高速道路の道端の緑と高架橋を組み合わせた最新作                                                                                                                                                                                 もっと見る

Filip Dujardin is architectural photographer and artist. Dujardin began as a professional architectural photographer before turning to art in creating virtual.

Affonso Eduardo Reidy

The spiral stair of the Museum of Modern Art - Rio De Janero. Brazilian architect Affonso Eduardo Reidy walking up the stair while under construction.