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This will be my wedding dress

I hunt. I'm from Montana. I have dead animals hanging on my walls. And I don't know anyone who would wear a camo wedding dress. Who buys this stuff?

  • lindsey hand

    i would! ♥

  • Candice Taylor

    I would ❤️

  • Kristen Harris

    Change the white to pink and my kid would want to wear it to prom. The woman who manages my favorite formal store literally shuddered when my kid asked her about a camo dress.

  • Alicea Chester

    I got married in camo 8 years the time, camo wasn't as popular as now, so I had to have a friend make my dress. Not only did I wear camo, but everyone in the wedding party and all of the guests had at least one item of camo on.

I swear to God, if this isn't being done ironically, then I've lost all faith in humanity.

  • Emily Hutchinson

    O yea and also why dont you look at the amount of followers u have then the amount i have guess thatll prove who has a better sense of fashion

  • Jacquelynn Marie

    Ok guys, I know we all have different tastes but seriously? Do you all have to debate about who has better taste and whether this is appropriate for a wedding or not? If you don't have something nice to say then shut the hell up! We have different tastes in wedding dresses and different views of how a life should be lived, GET OVER IT!

  • Emily Hutchinson

    Okay i would like to state a few things one i wld like to thank jacquelynn for pointing out my stupid mistake by continuing to debate with another pinner on a matter that is strictly opinion also i would like to apologize to anyone i offended in the time of this debate especially mary....and i feel awful for having been so rude and totally agree with jacquelynns sorry:)

  • Ani4ever

    IT IS A MATTER OF OPINION. EVERYONE SHUT UP ABOUT IT. personally, I like the dress, it expresses personality. that isn't who I am but I think its cute for a redneck girl. some of you really need to realize your opinion isn't the only one that matters. TRYING to offend someone because they have a different opinion on something petty? liking the dress isn't going to hurt anyone

  • Ani4ever

    plus, alyssa and mary, don't criticize others for their sense of style

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Camo wedding dress

As much as ordering a wedding dress online breaks tradition...I really want this dress with the white realtree camo...perfect for our wedding!

White and white camo wedding dress

I don't know what it is this year, but everyone wants a camo wedding dress. Sorry but not my thing.

Camo wedding dress with little camo ❤️

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Camo Wedding!