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    • yeahthatjess ~

      thinspo quotes - thinspo skinny perfect flat stomach abs toned jealous want thinspiration motivation legs thigh gap fitness fitspo health

    • Μαρία

      I really need to lose weight. I hate having a fat stomach. I hate having fat thighs. I hate having fat arms. I want a tiny waist, skinny legs and toned arms. This is the kind of motivation I need right now #thinspiration

    • Sahiana Heredia-Lopez

      Good reasons, but I don't wanna be as skinny as her.... I like my curves, just want a flat stomach. :) MOTIVATION

    • Valerie Mainridge

      The workout of the day is a high intensity interval training(HIIT) full body workout. This is the first in a series of full body workouts for women. I like recommending high intensity interval training workouts (HIIT) as a full body workout routine for women simply because you can get in a fantastic workout in less time. HIIT workout routines are a fitness strategy of switching intensive physical exercise with much less... FULL ARTICLE @

    • Emily Naas

      Body Image: What's the Deal With Thigh Gaps? | Dani's Fitness Diary

    • Meaghan ⚡

      this girl is way too skinny (like unhealthy), but the motivation is good

    • Mariah Bergstrom

      alright this chick is way skinny, but i dig the motivation

    • Kelsey Peterson

      This kind of makes me mad... Especially the part about the, "do it for the thigh gap," part. Really? Who cares if you have a gap between your thighs or not? I have never had that gap for my entire life... Does that mean I've been fat or overweight? Has anyone ever considered that having a gap between your thighs isn't solely dependent on your weight and the width of your hips has a lot to do with it too? If you're going to get in shape... do it for the sole fact of getting in shape. Don't do it so you can look like a model. Why would you want to get skinny just to prove to everyone how skinny you can be? Fact: hardly anyone cares how skinny you are. Do it to be fit and healthy, not to be a skinny societal standard.

    • Brianne Easter

      Weight Loss Tips Diet Fitness

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    This is what I would LOVE to look like one day- super fit! This is great motivation!!!!

    When people try to lose weight for the wrong reasons it often doesn't stay off. Educate yourself and aim to be healthy rather then just being skinny.

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    5 lbs of fat next to 5 lbs of muscle. #PerspectiveOnTheScale ... awesome visual. I can help you wrap that away. :)

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