Vintage Navy Train Case I love old cases, suitcases and boxes with locks!

Oh to have a whole wall of old suit cases. SO COOL! This would be sweet in a classy "man room".

Vintage Samsonite Train Case

English Silver Stamp Case. Birmingham 1903.

globe ornaments go well with the international theme of our Christmas tree

feminine vintage lunchbox, pretty!

Malle ancienne

Vintage Train Cases

Outdoor Vintage Bell

metal boxes!!

~` lovely vintage wicker cases `~

Vintage luggage and Tartan

So sweet idea for a vintage suit case

I've got an aluminium case that needs some work. I think aluminium tape toghether with black and brown color could give me a vintage, worn feeling. And maybe some straps.

MY FAVORITE FIND OF THE WEEK! Vintage Suitcase Chest of Drawers by EnglishRegalia on Etsy. , via Etsy.

Awesome! I have used boxes as tables before... this is a major step up!

Faux Alligator Vintage Green Train Case Suitcase 1950s Antique Luggage

upcycle a train case

beautiful old luggage