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It's weird to think about how much they've grown...

wish they put more of her witty comments in the movies

Rupert Grint Interview...i always thought that the Phelps twins looked more like Ron in the books than Rupert!

Rupert Grint is a boss, this makes me grin every time I see it.

Why was this cut? I mean seriously!!! Were the Dursleys even seen after the third movie? I get that you can't really top blowing up Aunt Marge, but come on!

i love this so much. When i watched a video of their favorite lines most of them came from the first movie, the real glory days of HP

even les miserables. hate it when people rant about les mis when they saw the movie, omgosh seriously though, there's so much more to it when you read the book

Harry Potter book vs. movie fans. That's why you NEED to read the book!

if you don't know who harry potter is... i dont want to know who you are

The best part of this pin was the quote "MUTHAFUCKAAA!" hahahhaa

Ron and Neville. Neville wins because he is wearing a beatles tshirt

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