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Haunted House Windows

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Spooky DIY Halloween Decor - Haunted House Silhouettes Will Terrify Trick-or-Treaters (GALLERY)

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Halloween Decorations To Make - Make a Haunted House From An Old Doll House...

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Haunt Your House: Balloon-Filled Hallway – For a kid-friendlier Halloween hallway in your haunted house, consider hanging a billion orange and black balloons from streamers. This is an instant reminder of the season, making things that much more fun for kids. You could get creative, maybe adding in signs along the way warning kids to pass by without touching the balloons.

Spooky shadows

DIY Seriously Scary Dark Silhouette Curtains.

Monster silhouettes out of cardboard boxes

I love using these to line walkways on almost any holiday occasion. Simply cut out whatever you want on the bags and weigh them down with sand or rocks so they don't get blown away and then add a tea light inside each one. =]

Haunted House Silhouettes


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About 5 of these in the woods between the bone yard and the coop. Chicken wire over PVC, then drape with canvas and/or burlap? Spook Group Costume for Haunted House