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  • Sonja Milsom

    Magic Mike Magic Mike!! - haha... so funny... and so true... just saw this movie last night, bad script, bad acting... but who cares... LOL

  • Denise Hansell

    Magic Mike i will watch this movie my hubby Channing Tatum is a stripper <3

  • melba campbell

    Magic Mike Magic Mike!! Most gorgeous men ever all wrapped in one movie and have their shirts off through it :D

  • The Cookin Mama

    Magic Mike. doesn't matter what it's about. Exactly. #MagicMike #ChanningTatum #movies #humor

  • Marcia O'Grady

    Magic Mike! Great eye candy BUT a horrible movie,, so disappointed :(

  • Maggie Funk

    I can NOT wait to see this movie. Hot guys and looks funny(:

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alex pettyfer & channing tatum.. im speechless. MAGIC MIKE!♥ omg channing tatam is so hott!!!!!

Magic Mike - best movie for the girls night ever.

Magic Mike ~ Ok so I haven't seen it yet, but I already know I'm gonna love it! ~

Magic Mike! Saw this movie!(: omg! My friends say matthew mcconaughy is old but um... He's so good looking and Channing is too(: Alex wasn't so bad either! Those men can dance! loved the movie.... With the ending they need to make a second one!

'Oh, You don't want to know what I have to do to get the $20's' ;) - Channing Tatum YES WE DO !! true!!! Probably after many beers so with our beer goggles on the guys actually resemble Channing and Mathew!! Lmao!

Magic Mike - so sad I wasn't an extra in the movie - especially since so many scenes were filmed just down the road!!!