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Kenneth Nixon <3

Oh glob yes please!!

The Boondock Saints Oh. Oh yes.

Damon Salvatore - The vampire diaries

Stefan and Damon Salvatore

Andy glass ♡♡♡

Glow tattoo. I'm not sure how I feel about the glow part but the design is great

Kenneth Nixon

Kenneth Nixon

Kenneth Nixon and his 2 year old son Kaedyn

Damon Salvatore

Another Kenneth Nixon photo. All guys should strive to look like this.

This explains my life it shows just how much I care and now I know for sure that someone else understands me because nobody I know is a directioner In fact they're all haters and I almost can't handle it but one direction keeps me happy:):)

Blue waves arm sleeve tattoo

evan peters

<3 #MGK!! Throw them #Ls UP for #Kells

Kenneth Nixon - Framing Hanley

Too perf.

brb going to go cry my eyes out....

Kenneth Nixon, Framing Hanley.. (;