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Love the foot placement! This is great because it's so easily hidden as opposed to the top of your foot...and I can't imagine it would be that painful

rose hip love love the placement and it in general:)

Hip tattoo ... In color? More towards the front to add on to my hip tattoo?

I like how this hip tattoo runs up her side

if I ever get a large tattoo this will be where it's at. THIS IS WHAT I WANT OMG. This with the dreamcatcher or a large tree. because yolo

#2 favourite. I love the use of bird skull, the accents of berries and the irregular shape. Very flattering

Hip Tattoo Meg Crowley Something intricate/ funky like this (could be funkier) but with open space. shape/ direction of it would be different for me

Kyle has been suggesting I get a vine of flowers in this area on my body... but I'd like to wait until after I'm done having kids.

inked up! girl. love the placement of her hip tattoo