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Sailing Stones - Death Valley, USA… This mysterious and ghostly phenomenon occurs at Racetrack Playa, Death Valley which is a fitting location! The stones travel long distances without any human or animal help! It seems as if they just lift themselves up and scoot along, making a trail or groove in the rock surface as they travel. Scientists’ best guess as to why this happens at present is that wind at the level of the stones causes them almost to hydroplane. Sometimes they turn ...

Even NASA cannot explain it. It’s best to gaze in wonder at the sliding rocks on this dry lake bed in Death Valley National Park. Racetrack Playa is almost completely flat, 2.5 miles from north to south and 1.25 miles from east to west, and covered with cracked mud. The rocks, some weighing hundreds of pounds, slide across the sediment, leaving furrows in their wakes, but no one has actually witnessed it.

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Rose Quartz Geode Jewelry Supply - Druzy Stone Cabochon - Sparkling, Shimmering Crystal Center - Unique, DIY Jewelry Designs and Collectible

Rose Quartz Geode - Druzy Cabochon | What is Druzy? Druzy crystals take hundreds or even thousands of years to form. They form as molten rock begins to cool with trapped gases inside. The gases cause gaps in the rock. As groudwater flows through these gaps for century after century, minerals crystalize on the rock--forming a blanket of intense crystalization.

stromatolites (created by cyanobacteria) and, in a biological nutshell, created the oxygen on which we survive today. Some of these bad boys are still present today in Western Australia. They are approximately 3.45 billion years old.

Hemimorphite crystal sprays on matrix. The Hematite component is the colorant in these glassy crystals & presents itself as shades of pink, red & brown. The surface luster is very impressive & almost every crystal is terminated. From the Ojuela Mine, Mapimi, Durango, Mexico. Measures 7 cm by 3.6 cm by 3.2 cm in total size..

Mineral Chart: Includes all 6 crystal classes and presents the physical properties: hardness, habit, luster, cleavage, specific gravity, color, fluorescence, and streak. #MInerals #Chart

❥ Halite. The color is caused by the radiation of Potasium-40 naturally present within the surrounding sylvite.