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  • Barb Gosman

    I'm cleaning stove grates this weekend. @KD Eustaquio Ryan TenHopen

  • Leslie Pietruszka

    Cleaning burners without elbow grease.

  • Vicki Sloneker Gebhardt

    Cleaning grates on gas stove #cleaning

  • Belinda Hatter

    CLEANING GAS STOVE TOP GRATES * Take your nasty old grate, Slip it into a gallon size ziploc bag. Be careful not to put any holes in the bag. Pour 2 or 3 Tablespoons ammonia into the bag. Seal the bag. And let it sit for 12 hours. I put mine in a glass baking dish, just in case there were any leaks. Rinse the grate thoroughly.

  • Marcia Overbeck

    This is genius. I've tried everything to get gas grates clean, including putting them in the self cleaning oven.

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I've tried everything to clean gas burner grates (mine are a light grey). Haven't tried yet this method yet but if the science behind this works, it's definitely worth a try!

THIS WORKS!! I used it last night on baking sheets that have cooked too many tater tots and jalepeno poppers. I used a trash bag and it worked so well!! Even Andrew was impressed!

This worked like a charm. Wish I had known this a long time ago

Clean Stove Burner The easiest way EVER to clean stove burners I wll never srub mine again

Cleaning Stove Burners. Did it when I moved and it totally woooorks!

How to clean the grates on your stove-top. So easy you can do it in your sleep!

Ok, that's it...this weekend for sure....this is a sign....I need to clean my greasy stove burners with ammonia.