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Askinosie Chocolate, a small batch chocolate manufacturer located in Springfield, Missouri, sources of their beans directly from the farmers.



So I was busy all day designing chocolate artwork, and I couldn't help but be inspired with the colorful packaging from Target's successful chocolate brand, Choxie.

Modern mix tape… I think I know someone I need to make one of these for...

Modern mix tape…

USB Mix Tape - Cool as. I always loved making mixed tapes and then CDs. Now, a USB mix tape ain't a bad idea either.

Fearless Chocolate makes raw organic chocolate. What's 'raw' about it? They  make their chocolate with unroasted cacao beans. Throughout the production  of the chocolate, the temperature never rises above 118 degrees (F). For  this reason, raw chocolate retains far more nutrients and valuable  antioxidants than other chocolate. Their packaging is also kind of 'raw'  and organic-looking. Dull-looking doesn't mean dull-tasting! You can get  your raw chocolate fix from Fearless, right here.

Fearless Chocolate

Source: None via Myra on PinterestI’m so going to use clothespins at Christmas time to wrap gifts!

A Clothespin is such a cute idea for 'sealing' the bag & adding a tag or note (or any of the many types of additional pieces we will offer for sale this Christmas! C,D,E for the Bags!

"Made in Ecuador by the Kichwa people" Chocolate packaging

"Made in Ecuador by the Kichwa people" Chocolate packaging

Green and Black’s

【conscious】ORGANIC chocolates~ enjoy chocolate and green~