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Ginger White had a 13 year affair with this man. If not for Ginger White, Newt Gingrich would have spent more time at Tiffany's and less campaigning. - Oh yeah - I forgot to mention - this guy is named Herman Cain and he was GOP Flavor Of The Month for less than a month in 2011. He had a lot of thoughts twirling 'round in his head and even more women twirling 'round 'n' mistress-ing in his life! : )

from The Huffington Post

Herman Cain Says He Might Run For President Again In 2016

Herman Cain, don't tease us so. The pizza magnate, who at one point topped all Republican challengers during the 2012 Republican presidential primary before dropping out amidst allegations of multiple affairs, suggested on Saturday that he would r...

Had to know if You are in the Tea Party. 1. At a debate, you boo a soldier because he is gay. 2. You accuse a decorated Vietnam veteran of “cutting and running.” 3. You accuse Obama of being a

// // My wonderful father, who has always been a common sense Republican, has moved increasingly right in recent years. It's my opinion that he's been hugely influenced by right-wing media. My dad'...