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  • April Gibson

    7 Great Weight Loss Smoothie Recipes

  • Katy Carney

    23 Smoothies That Aid in Weight Loss …i really want to try the pb and banana one but it doesnt say how much peanut butter... Smoothies that aid in weight loss offer a delicious, nutritious way to lose weight. Plus, do you know how many weight loss smoothies there …

  • Nikole Emmitt-Conti

    Weight loss Smoothies! Did you know there are a ton of smoothies that aid in weight loss? I had no idea that there were so many – and that such a lot of them were …

  • Rebecca Schmitz

    Smoothies that aid in weight loss. I would love to start drinking smoothies and shakes for breakfast.

  • Amanda Willey

    7 smoothies that aid in weight loss 1. PEANUT BUTTER AND BANANA There are a lot of surprising smoothies that aid in weight loss, and this is one of them. I wouldn’t have believed that a peanut butter based smoothie could be all that healthy, but the protein is what makes it great. This smoothie is ideal as a replacement meal. All you need is a tablespoon of natural peanut butter, half a banana, half a cup of non-fat milk, a tablespoon of whey protein powder – in chocolate! – and about half a dozen ice cubes. Then blend, and enjoy! 2. MOCHA Oh, chocolate! Yay! Believe it or not, this smoothie is still completely healthy. It’s perfect if you’re craving sweets. What you do is combine four ice cubes, half a cup of low fat, vanilla frozen yogurt, a shot of espresso – either decaf or regular, it’s up to you – and two tablespoons of cocoa powder, in this order, blend, and delight in the chocolaty goodness! 3. WATERMELON What could be better than a watermelon smoothie on a hot summer day? With some ice and a base made of either low-fat milk or non-fat yogurt, all the watermelon you like, and a little orange for some zest, you’re good to go. Watermelon is so low in both calories and fat that you can’t go wrong with this one! 4. BLUEBERRIES FOR BREAKFAST Many smoothies that aid in weight loss are comprised of blueberries, because they’re so high in antioxidants. This one is particularly great as a breakfast smoothie, and it only comes out to about 136 calories. You take ice and water, blueberries, a banana, flax seed oil, soy protein, and either honey or apple juice, and blend it smooth. Just like that, you’ve got a healthy, delicious breakfast drink! 5. STRAWBERRY BANANA Strawberry banana is my favorite flavor combination in all of life, so I’m really excited about this smoothie. Making it is simplicity itself. Cut up a banana, toss in some strawberries – about a handful – add in half of a Florida orange, half a cup of low-fat yogurt or milk, and ice. That’s all you have to do! 6. MIXED BERRY Mixed berry smoothies that aid in weight loss are among the most delicious, and make a great treat on summer days, too. It’s easy to make these all year round, though, because you can buy frozen berries. A cup of berries, half a cup of either low-fat milk, non-fat vanilla yogurt, or non-fat plain yogurt, and some ice if your berries aren’t frozen – that’s it! 7. KIWI AND HONEYDEW I adore kiwi, too, although I’ve never tried it with honeydew. Still, this recipe is so easy that I’ll have to try it. All you need are two cups of honeydew, cut into cubes, a small sized Granny Smith Apple, cut up and peeled, a cut and peeled kiwi, 2-3 teaspoons of sugar, a tablespoon of lime juice, and about a cup’s worth of ice. In your blender, first combine the fruit with the lime juice and the sugar and blend them together, then add the ice and blend some more. As you can see, there are lots of smoothies that aid in weight loss, and I think every single one of these looks delicious. Like I said, strawberry banana is my absolute favorite, but it’s nice to know I can have chocolate without completely wasting my diet! Do you have any delicious, healthy smoothie recipes you’d like to share?

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