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15 Things Every Kick-Ass Uncle Knows To Be True, As Told By Jesse And Joey

Ha full house :)



Uhhh..... I apparently loved this movie too much as a child. The first time I saw House I thought "Hey he's in 101 Dalmatians!" and the first time Mr. Weasley appeared in Harry Potter, I thought the same thing...

I knew the first one, but had no idea about the other two. Mind=blown.

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Wish i Was Full of Pizza

wish I was full of pizza instead of emotions.

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21 Michelle Tanner Quotes We Can All Relate To…

Michelle from full house is so cute! She has this sassy attitude but still pulls it off!

True Story. I can't even express how true this is! Like everywhere I go, I see bobby pins and the girls are like excuse me, I'm right there. Lol