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I'd love to see a drunk Dalek. It might just possibly be funnier than a German Dalek!! Haha.

Doctor Who explains science <<< He looks like he trying to understand rocket science in that second one.<<<fantastic comments are fantastic

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Time Lord Party | Hoodie | Funny Doctor Who Shirts

"Ain't no party like a Time Lord party because a Time Lord party is not bound by typical temporal parameters and thus don't stop." I really want this shirt.

Funny TV Ecard: If I have to explain another Doctor Who reference I'm going to put on my fez, adjust my bow tie, get in the TARDIS and find someone who gets it.

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Time Lord Party | Hoodie | Funny Doctor Who Shirts

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"Who let the Daleks out" doesn't even sound quite like a question anymore because Who may have in fact let the Daleks out!<THIS

Did you know that in Doctor Who, the Doctor's bow tie is red if the episode takes place in the future, and blue if it is in the past? (It’s true for the tenth Doctor too. His suit was blue if they went forward in time and the brown if they went back in time.) Huh...I'll have to verify that...

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The 4th Doctor Is In, Peanuts Meets Doctor Who

Snoopy would make such a cute Dalek <3