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  • Alice Stanne

    - January 30th: In 1969 the Beatles, after much disagreement on location, performed their 'Let It Be' concert on the roof the Apple Records studio. This would turn out to be their final live performance.

  • Heather Lakin

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  • Celeste High

    30 January 1969 - The Beatles give their final live performance, on the roof of Apple Records in London

  • Jonathan Buri

    The Beatles Rooftop Concert on top of Abbey Road studios in 1969

  • Katrina Calavera

    January 30: On this date in 1969, the Beatles performed atop the Apple Records building at 3 Savile Row, London. Ringo Starr reminisced, "I remember it was cold and windy and damp, but all the people looking out from offices were really enjoying it." Paul McCartney noted, "We were playing virtually to nothing - to the sky, which was quite nice... There were a lot of city gents looking up: 'What's that noise?'". Read more at the clickthrough.

  • Taylor Daley

    The Final Gig. The Beatles 1969 Rooftop Concert on Apple Studios in London, England.

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