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10 Fitspirational 'Grams from Plus-Size Models

5 Books That Helped Me Find & Follow My Life's Purpose

This is so true: at 30 i started to run, play the violin, do yoga. things that i never ever even considered before as at 20 i thought i was too old to start. :)

Shed the Scale! 10 Better Ways to Tell if You're Losing Weight

Track your diet’s progress by beating personal records and listening to your body NOT by stepping on the scale.

Incline Treadmill Tips for Runners

Walking and running with an incline treadmill workout burns more calories, activates more muscles, and boosts cardio efficiencies. Here's how to do it.

8 Yoga Poses You Can Do in Your Desk Chair

Give your mind a break and relax with these simple stretches. They will help keep you awake, give you an added boost of energy, and keep your muscles loose.

List of 10 Different Types of Meditation to Try

Think meditation is a waste of time? Here are seven reasons why you are wrong. Reduces the pain: Certain studies suggest that the pain you experience in your body is suppressed rage. Meditation helps you cool down. Also, though your back or other...