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    Almost every paper I've ever written

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    • Misty Traver

      Truth. Every paper. Every year in college. And high school. Nothing less than a B+. Except for the paper that was TOO LONG. :/

    • Brittany Rose Scott

      You underestimate my power.... because I just finished my college paper 10 minutes ago and its due at midnight! :P lol

    • Brittney Greene

      This is what college was all about! I would get better grades on those papers I procrastinated on. The power of working under pressure! lol

    • Meredith Berthelson

      I've yet to meet a paper I couldn't write the night before. or just change the date on from a previous assignment. yay college.

    • Brittany Volquardsen

      INFJ procrastination challenge accepted. Hahhaa.... oh high school and college....

    • Stephanie Rae

      You underestimate my power. (Star Wars + Procrastination Challenge = All me)

    • Stephanie Smith

      I laughed. did my paper last night turned it in today like a BOSS

    • Morgan Stahlheber

      You underestimate my power! and the story of my life!!!!

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