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You're a... A... A CONSULTING DETECTIVE! Even if Johnlock is platonic, still a better love story than Twilight! #BBCSherlock

You've never seen Sherlock?! That's it. Either you're watching all 9 episodes RIGHT now or our friendship will be terminated.

Little Mycroft's Christmas list! Adorable. Sherlock probably skipped "Santa" and went straight to "Mummy". And asked for body parts to dissect.

Can we just talk about how Molly was the first person to pop in his mindpalace when Mary shot him,he could have thought of John to help him but no he thought of Molly.

"I may be on the side of the angels... But don't think for a Second that I Am One of Them" "I. Owe. You." "I don't have friends, I just have one." "Goodbye, John." "One more miracle for me, Sherlock." "Imagine if you were dying---I don't have to.." *shivers*

Mummy Holmes!- I've always wondered about her. They refer to her in the past tense, which makes me think she's gone, but yet I get the impression she's not.

?????????? Death? Skull? Deaded?? Wood? Pipe/tube/wotsit? Thingemebob?? Egg? Chair? Sitty thing?? ?????????? Drunk Sherlock is the best Sherlock xD

To Mycroft, Sherlock will always be his little brother, he will always see Sherock as needing his protection.But, no matter what happens to or between them Mycroft will always love his little brother Sherlock.

18 months between seasons of 3 episodes. Don't talk to me about waiting a week, silly one.

You know I read this and first thought, 'wow, they are all such trolls it's unbelievable' but then I realized, that's it. We've waited like two and a half years for more Sherlock. We're gonna get three more episodes, and that's it. It's gonna end, and we're going to have be put through this mess AGAIN.

OH MY GOSH MOFFAT WHY--- I'm going to CRYYYYYYYYYYY (thanks very much,consulting fandom)