Good Plan, I always get distracted while I'm cleaning

11 Things You Need to Throw Away - this is one of those lists that I need to follow about every six months.

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It's never too late to start Spring Cleaning. Don't know where to start? Check out POPSUGAR's 30-Day Spring Cleaning Challenge Today!

Put this Master Cleaning List to use in your home! Includes daily, weekly, monthly and Spring Cleaning tasks!

Need This: Ultimate Home Cleaning Checklist!

Great Cleaning tips

11 Schedules to keep you Organized |

How to Clean a Tub So I cleaned my tub as I would normally would. Then I cleaned it as directed on pin and wow u could still see all the grime come off as I cleaned it this way. I know how to clean my tub now. Stocking up on vinager lol

I love a clean home. It makes me happy to be in an environment that is clean and well organized. If I lived alone I could probably get away with cleaning my house once a month! But that’s not my reality.


Printable Kitchen Deep Cleaning Checklist via down the sometimes overwhelming process of deep cleaning your kitchen into manageable bites that can be done all at once or a little at a time!

Cleaning Schedule (Free Printout)

Great Communication Center . . . Love the Checklists Idea :)

15 Tips to help you keep the housework under control

33 Meticulous Cleaning Tricks For The OCD Person Inside You | This site has some amazing tricks

List of random (but super useful!) household cleaning tricks.

Backless bird house with suction cups for the window= you get to see the baby birds hatch! I LOVE this!

Cleaning my house is no fun. But I am loving these tips to make it FEEL clean.. totally agree with #2. Going to start doing this today.