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Vertical windmill

The Wind Cube is designed to work in an array, bolted onto the side of a house with a handful of other identical turbines. Just 15 of these small home turbines on a house could provide enough power for a family of four.

Roblin's Mill, a watermill, at Black Creek Pioneer Village in Toronto, Canada.

a water wheel used to generate electricity for old mining operation, Independence, California

Japanese researchers have created a technology called "Wind Lens" that could double-to-triple the potential output of a wind turbine (snapshot from YouTube video) via

Eureka Gold and Timber

Guérigny, Nièvre, France

100 year old granary wheel still in use today, Pichilemu, O'Higgins, Chile

Llynnon Mill, Anglesey, Wales

Waterwheel Molino de la Albolafia Cordoba, Spain / España

Strathisla Distillery water wheel, Scotland

Mills in Greece

Hama, Syria

water wheel 4

Noria Ancient Water Wheel Hamah Syria Middle East

Laxey Water Wheel Glen Gardens Isle of Man 1930's

Water wheels / 水車(すいしゃ)

Working Water Wheel

West Point Mill

Flour mill in Rome powered by 16 water wheels

Water wheel

1 | Finally, A More Exciting Design For Wind Power | Co.Exist: World changing ideas and innovation


Someday we will have our own wind power.