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Homemade Sugar Candy

Homemade Isomalt

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Sugar Work

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how to make your own isomalt with sugar from home


Sugar Work

Work Popsugar

Spun Sugar Decoration

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Blown Sugar Art

Blow Work

Trabajo Popsugar

Blown Sugar Work

Sugar Work- recipe.. no explanation how to do the ornament blow work...

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How to Make Pulled Sugar Decorations

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Cupcakes Dare

How to Make Pulled Sugar Decorations thumbnail

Sugar Lace Recipe

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Sugar Lace Tutorial

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Sugar Lace Cake

This is a recipe that I adapted off a blog. Sugar lace is so popular and trendy at the moment that I could not resist feeling inspired and wanting to share w...

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Homemade Sugar Work Recipe & Tutorial: An Isomalt Substitute

Sugar Art Tutorial

Cake Tutorial

Artistry Cakes

Homemade Sugar

Homemade Isomalt

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Homemade Isomalt Substitute.

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Learn How to Make Your Cake Shimmer with Shiny Fondant

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Chocolate Fondant Cake

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Glaze with a mixture made by equal amounts of corn syrup and clear alcohol that dries to a permanent high gloss. Apply with a brush. (Corn Syrup and Vodka will also make modelling chocolate shine)

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Frozen Buttercream Transfer Tutorial - love doing these as so cute and easy too. (just fyi - this person did not fill in slowly and smoothly so on her final pic if you do close up you will see lots of gaps/holes and you can even tell where she just had swirls and circles of frosting - you want to fill in smoothly)

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Lambeth Tutorial - Nice intro to Lambeth borders, step by step with royal icing. Perfect for me.

Isomalt Gems

Cake Company

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Fantastic tutorial from the Artisan Cake Co on how to make isomalt gems and other isomalt creations using a piping bag! Find your isolmalt in store or online:

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how to use isomalt

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Garden cake - For all your cake decorating supplies, please visit

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A Fun Tutorial on How to Make Woodgrain Fondant

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Madera Fondant

Fondant Fun

Easy Fondant Cakes

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This step-by-step tutorial shows you how to create a wood-grain look in your fondant.

Pony Cake

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Fondant Horse Tutorial

Polymer Clay

Cute Horse - For all your cake decorating supplies, please visit

Beautiful Cupcakes

Diy Cake

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Glitter Cupcake

DIY Edible Glitter Tutorial super easy and beautiful, 100% edible glitter for fondant, cakes and cupcakes!

Moist Spray

Cake Tutorial

Moist Yellow Cake

Yellow Cake Recipe

Moist Cakes

Super Moist

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Easy Frozen Cake

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Elsa Frozen Cake

Frozen Elsa Birthday Cake

Frozen Birthday Cake

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Candy Fondant Tutorial

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I saw this technique done by Verusca Walker and just had to try it. Can you imagine, your leftover rolled fondant/gumpaste can be used to make your own mold? I tried it and it works! Here's Verusca's link. // FB shared via

Groot Cake

Cake Tutorial

Fondant Cake

Fondant Tutorial

Tree Cake Tutorial