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    Father and son perform their pilgrimage to Mount Kailash before making a dash over the mountains to freedom. Tibet, 2008, by Lynn Johnson for National Geographic magazine.

  • Dario Albini

    A Tibetan father and son on a pilgrimage around China's Mount Kailas. Photograph by Lynn Johnson, National Geographic.

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    You look like you came outta a comic book or Badass people looking badass - Imgur

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    Tibet china Asia

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Tibet, something serene about the Tibetan people which I truly respect.

Tibetans who makes Tibet ,Tibetan by reurinkjan, via Flickr

Tibetan Monk ...I absolutely love the textures amd colours in this photo.

Tibetan man. The resemblance to Native Americans is very obvious here despite the 1000's of years separating genetic develoment of 2 the peoples. ** A handsome man with a lovely gentle face.

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b-alchik: universalbeauty: Tibetan man, wearing Tibetan jewellery and ethnic dress. :

Tibetan wedding dresses - Bright eyes, black hair, red coral, blue turqoise and red dress. The Tibetan wedding dresses make the bride look charming in a wild manner.

Tibetan Saddle Rings Shining A rich male Khampa's ornate hand rests on the pommel his ornamental sword. These ornamental outfits are worn only on special non-religious celebrations, such as at the Nagchu horse Festival where this photo was taken. Gold in Tibetans jewelry is always 24k never alloy their gold, as it is considered a sacriledge to impurify it

steampunk Mask, by TheDarkPower. No one knew which queen ruled. When she was in public, the mask was in place, concealing any discerning features. The sisters were the same build and size, or so the people assumed. It had been a condition of their uneasy truce against their brothers and the only way to ensure neither was usurped.

spikes metal spider pendant - pinned by ~ unleash your inner RokStar - fashion, pop and mental health

Steampunk- Totally got to see this gent at Lincoln steampunk festival 2011 :)